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Novelty of 2016 -

Novelty of 2016 - "Pearl" gel nail polish

Thanks to the new researchs and developments «Lady Victory» company is ready to present a novelty of 2016 - "Pearl" gel-polish.

Light and delicate colors will give nails a stunning radiance emphasise the sensuality and romantic image. The shade of the polish will easely adjust to clothes of any color, and will harmonize with any style, whether it’s classical, romantic or casual one.

Exquisite nacreous tones look luxurious, bringing elegance to the image and allow to look spectacular every day!
Chameleon Gel Polish

Chameleon Gel Polish

One of the latest innovations, which has become incredibly popular among the fair sex is Chameleon Gel Polish.

It’s incredibly easy to choose for yourself Gel Polish Chameleon that changes colors. This gel-polish will help to brighten up everyday life, add zest to your evening outfit in a club or create a playful image for a date.

What makes the color change? The composition includes micro particles sensitive to light intensity and color changes depending on the light incidence angle. In addition, there are a series of gel-polishes with a chameleon effect, which comprise pearl particles or fine diamond dust. Pearl crumbs ensure manicure shining, sometimes a product is even able to reflect the color of the outfit and tiny particles of diamond add crystal shine to your manicure.