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Readymade Business

Company «Guangzhou Lady Victory Company LTD» is pleased to present its customers, as well as those who are just planning to organize their own business in the beauty industry, new service "Branding" or "Readymade Business".

Complex services on the world market output include the organization of production on samples, sketches and drawings of the customer. In addition, a wide range of templates available to the customer's choice. Also the development of individual brand which consists in development of company’s logo, creation of lable and packing of your products.

Thanks to one of its advantages - the main office is located in China, in the city of Guangzhou - one of the largest industrial centers in the south of the country, which has concentrated a large number of factories producing cosmetic products, «Guangzhou Lady Victory Company LTD» has a unique opportunity of purchasing products at manufacturing plants, without intermediaries who considerabely overprice the product. Office location in Guangzhou provides additional advantages during negotiating and making deals with partners around the world. The company's management personally inspect the factory production and guarantees high quality of the products. In addition to said above, the company organizes the purchase and transportation of goods in any amount and at any destination around the world.


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Why you should choose us?

  1. Professional design of your brand and packaging.
  2. The strong system of production technology and high-quality management system
  3. Low MOQ (minimum order quantity), there is no pressure and risk for brand owners.
  4. Comprehensive services services: Guidance of brand positioning, advertising market channel and user experience.

We are ready to supply high quality raw materials for all kinds of gel-polishes, gels and additionals from the United States, Japan and Germany.

Made of plastics and have strong adhesive properties, good fluidity, easy to apply. The colors of the polish are proportional , without sediments, do not stretch, suitable for painting, dry quickly, and stays long on the nails.


Camouflage, Designing UV Gel

Made of high quality materials that are harmless to environment and human health, has no odor, strong adhesion, easily absorbed, highly transparent, good density and resistance. Gives the effect of natural healthy nails, after drying preserves the glitter and gives pleasant feelings.


 Gel Polish Remover
Quickly removes Gel Polish, does not cause change the color of the nail plate and does not exasperate skin. No special requirements for the use in the bottle, can be stored for a long time.



Thousand of bottles for your choice! We compare the suppliers of packaging materials and choose the best and safe one for you. You can select any desired bottle of the desired source, or choose from our products under your brand.


The company provides more than 16 kinds of gel polishes and over 2560 different shades.


Gel-polish GPE (stained glass)


"Texture gel polish" with a sandy effect


Ambient temperature dependant thermo-gel


Gel polish «Cat's eye», gives nails the magnetic cat’s eye effect


We can make for you a complete project as well as take it at any stage. In addition to said above, the company can provide a wide range of products for beauty salons. If you have any questions, phone number for inquiries +380(68)5298651, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We strive to provide you with the highest quality standards!